A reminder to thank On3 PR’s Christina Johnson today


Have you thanked Christina Johnson today?

If not, you should thank Johnson, president of On 3 Public Relations, for completing the Herculean task of creating a comprehensive Campaign Finance Reports after each reporting deadline.  This report is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in Florida politics.

One would think that the Florida Division of Elections, the department which overseas campaign finance reporting, would provide some sort of easy-to-read overall report, but, remember, it’s a government bureaucracy, so the Division of Elections does the exact opposite of whatever is easiest and most sensible. To get a complete picture of which candidates are raising what, one must point-and-click through each individual report. With hundreds of candidates running throughout the state, it’s daunting to do all of that in order to capture a comprehensive report.

But not too daunting for Johnson, whose Campaign Finance Report lists every legislative candidate’s most recent fundraising haul — what they raised, loaned, received in-kind, and spent — as well as their cumulative totals. Again, this report is must-read.

You can download your own copy of this report after midnight tonight at www.On3PR.com – just be sure to thank Christina Johnson when you do.