Pinellas State Rep. Ed Hooper has big cash haul, is now at $192K for final campaign


Republican incumbent Ed Hooper raised $37,675 between Aug. 10 and Sept. 14, adding to his huge financial lead over Democratic challenger Ben Farrell in House District 67.

Hooper reported an overall total of $192,915. Hooper collected checks from interests as diverse as the Florida AFL-CIO, Chiro-PAC, Disney and the Seminole Tribe. Hooper’s campaign has spent just $29,046, leaving the third-term incumbent with a healthy warchest for the general election.

Farrell raised $1,545 to bring his overall total to $11,355.  One notable expenditure by Farrell, albeit on July 12, was to Bardine Hazlett Political Consulting, the firm of local Democratic strategists Johnny Bardine and Shari Hazlett.