Jessica Ehrlich responds to questions about her resume by sharing letter of recommendation she wrote for herself



Congressional candidate Jessica Ehrlich has responded to questions about embellishing her resume by publishing the above letter of recommendation written by her former boss, Representative Clay Shaw in 2006.

Notice the letters at the bottom of the letter? “ECS/je” stands for E. Clay Shaw/jessica ehrlich.

So, yeah, Ehrlich does have a letter of recommendation from Rep. Shaw — typed and written by her. He still said he can’t remember her.

In materials her campaign is widely distributing, Democratic congressional candidate Jessica Ehrlich implies that she staffed two congressional committees while working for two different members of the US House. However, a review of Ehrlich’s work history and a conversation with Shaw — one of the congressional members Ehrlich worked for — paints a different picture of Ehrlich’s curriculum vitae,raising questions as to whether the political newcomer is embellishing her resume.

“She practiced law with her father before working for Rep. Clay Shaw on the Social Security Subcommittee of the Committee on Ways and Means. Ehrlich then serves as counsel for Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) on the Financial Services Committee,” reads several different fliers that have been distributed by the Ehrlich campaign, including at a recent voter forum in Gulfport.

There is no doubt that Ehrlich worked for both Reps. Shaw and Lynch. However, the nature of her work is what is in question. There is a significant difference between working as a Personal Staff Member and a Professional Staff Member.

A Professional Staff Member is assumed to have a level of expertise related of the committee they serve. Professional Staff Members are, on average, paid significantly more than Personal Staff Members, whose ranks include secretaries and schedulers.

By stating that she worked “for Rep. Clay Shaw on the Social Security Subcommittee of the Committee on Ways and Means”, Ehrlich is attempting to imply that she has some sort of expertise on issues related to Social Security and/or tax and fiscal policy.

“At best, it is very ambiguous whether she worked for the two Congressmen or whether she worked on the committees as a staffer,” said Dr. Darryl Paulson, a retired University of South Florida St. Petersburg political scientist.

Rep. Clay Shaw — Ehrlich’s former boss — is not ambiguous about her work for him.

“I don’t even remember her,” said Rep. Shaw in an interview on Friday.




  1. This is much ado about nothing. People who work in government often sign several letters every day and they are unlikely to remember the content of those letters. Is that E.Cclay Shaws, Jr. signature on the letter? If he in fact, signed, that letter, your article is conjecture at best. You issue about a personal v. professional staff member is a red herring.

  2. First a BS story on Fitzgerald, now Ehrlich. Keep writing, Petey… the rent’s coming due and the NRSC needs more clips for their ads!

  3. I believe you mean the NRCC, but since you know so little about politics, sport, I’ll let it slide.

  4. …Wow, this is grand. She is literally digging herself into a deeper hole. And she wants to represent us in Congress? Yikes.

  5. The funny part about this is that the letter she wrote for herself actually confirms her embellishment, as raised in this post. A Legislative Assistant is a personal office staff title – not a Committee Staff title. Thank you Ms Ehrlich for the clarification and admission. Please update your bio on your campaign website to correct the current inaccuracies for those in District 13 who are following your campaign.

  6. Funny how you never read stories like this in the Tampa Bay Times, about inaccuracies in bios and embellishing when it’s coming from Democratic candidates, that is of course until they’re published by another source and the Times then reprints it to appear informed. They also try to discredit that other source the best they can whenever possible. Thanks for breaking this story, we never would’ve known otherwise.

  7. I hope that for the sake of the people of District 13 everyone involved stays on point and stops this unfair conjecture about a minor point in a resume. I’m sure Ms Ehrlich would gladly answer any specific questions about her work experience. From the Shaw letter it looks as though she wasn’t there that long so I’m not surprised that six years later he doesn’t remember her. He is a republican who is supporting the opposition so I’m not surprised at his recent comments. Ms. Ehrlich is very qualified to do a good job for us in Congress.


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