More issues with Jessica Ehrlich’s resume: Did she clerk or just intern for federal judge?


Issues with the resume of Democrat congressional candidate Jessica Ehrlich continue to arise as the political newcomer faces increased scrutiny about her work history.

The latest issue is why Ehrlich claimed to have “clerked” for a federal judge only to later state that she “interned.”

In a screenshot of Ehrlich’s website from earlier this year, it reads that she “clerked for the Chief Judge of the U.S Federal Court for Middle Florida…”

After questions about this clerkship were asked by a certain intrepid blogger as well as others in the community, Ehrlich’s campaign scrubbed the website, changing “clerked” to “interned”, as seen in this screen capture.

Yes, Ehrlich cleaned up her campaign website, but that still doesn’t explain how this little white lie got on there in the first place.

Needless to say, there is a significant difference between clerking and interning for a federal judge, just as there is a significant difference between working as a legislative assistant to two congressman and working on two committee staffs.

Starting to see the pattern here?