Tampa Bay Times continues assault on St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster


When (they) started Bill Foster Watch last year, it was out of frustration with the Mayor, and the media’s lack of coverage of his many stumbles.

Earlier this year, the Tampa Bay Times shifted away from supporting Mayor Foster on most issues and they began to openly attack him. In fact, I believe it was this March 3 op-ed that was the beginning of the end of the Times‘ honeymoon with Foster.

The Times has done such a good job of covering the Mayor recently and holding his feet to the fire on so many issues like the reimbursement for the RNC pre-party and the lack of leadership on the budget, that we are left in awe of how well the Times is doing our job for us.

We counted no less than 12 articles exposing Bill Foster’s stumbles in the last month alone, with the last being this editorial published on Saturday entitled “Poor leadership at budget crunch time“. The Times places blame on both council and the Mayor, but other recent columns and articles make it clear that they blame Foster much more than council.

We hope that the Times keeps this up through the election next year, because if they do, St. Petersburg might be Foster-free in 2013!

Cross-posted with permission of Bob Wilson of the Bill Foster Watch.