Democrats cancel another $422K buy for Keith Fitzgerald


Less than 24-hours after Democrat Keith Fitzgerald was forced to fire his spokesperson for anti-Catholic, hate-filled rants, the DCCC has pulled the plug on yet another ad buy for Fitzgerald.  This is the second consecutive week the DCCC has cancelled airtime in CD 16.

In total, the DCCC has scrapped over $646,000 in scheduled TV buys for Fitzgerald.

The move comes after news reports that Fitzgerald’s newly-hired communications director had publicly blogged that “Republicans hate women, immigrants, African Americans, firefighters, police officers, teachers, citizens who vote for Democrats, the poor, the middle class, anyone but each other.  Republicans simply hate…hate…hate.”  Fitzgerald “declined to comment on whether Fitzgerald concurred with {his spokesperson’s} comments…”

Roll Call and other publications reported this morning that the DCCC pulled $422,970 from CD  16 for Oct. 16-22.  Last week, the national Democrats cancelled $223,000 in ad time for Oct. 9-15.

The ads were originally scheduled to run in the Sarasota and Tampa media markets.