One thing you won’t hear about from congressional candidate Jessica Ehrlich — her work for “1%” firm Goldman Sachs


With today’s story in the Tampa Bay Times about Jessica Ehrlich’s resume padding and website scrubbing, there is increased attention on her work history and qualifications for office.

Yet, one aspect of Jessica Ehrlich’s resume she never refers to is her work for Goldman Sachs — the Wall Street firm which has come to embody the “1%” Ehrlich rails about on the campaign trail.

Search Ehrlich’s campaign website and read her materials and you won’t find any mention of Goldman Sachs.  However, upon review of an early copy of Ehrlich’s professional resume provided exclusively to SaintPetersBlog clearly shows that Ehrlich worked for Goldman Sachs from 1999 to 2002.

Of course, you’ll rarely, if ever, hear Ehrlich discuss her time as a Senior Research Assistant for Goldman Sachs because it does not fit into her narrative that she represents the so-called 99%.

Along with stints at Cartier and Estee Lauder, Ehrlich built her career working for corporate. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that — unless you are hypocritical enough to bite the hands you spent a decade feeding from.

Further investigation into Ehrlich’s financial disclosure forms show that while she worked for Bloomberg LP (another mom-and-pop shop right there) Ehrlich’s mailing address of “Mott Street – Penthouse B.”

Penthouse, huh? Very 99%, Ms. Ehrlich.

But where else would someone working for Goldman Sachs live other than the penthouse?