Joe Abruzzo, David Simmons add to State Senate war chests


Two for-sure winners, Democrat Joe Abruzzo and Republican David Simmons, added to their State Senate war chests.

Rep. Joseph Abruzzo collected $19,850 in contributions between Sept. 15 and Sept 28 and extended his fund-raising lead over Republican Melanie Peterson in Senate District 25, newly filed records show. Abruzzo reported raising an overall total of $173,429, with nearly $100,000 still on hand. Peterson raised $5,400 during the most-recent period and had collected an overall total of $30,725.

Running in a relatively quiet race, Simmons collected $34,522 in campaign contributions. Simmons has raised an overall total of $326,264 and reported having about $200,000 still on hand. He received contributions during the most recent period from major Tallahassee players, such as companies related to Walt Disney World.