Checking in with County Commission incumbent Neil Brickfield


As reported last week, Republican incumbent Neil Brickfield and Democrat Janet Long are locked into an incredibly close race for the Pinellas County Commission. According to St. Pete Polls, Brickfield leads Long 45 to 44 percent.

So, what is Brickfield’s take on the campaign so far? Contributor Daphne Taylor Street caught up with the Commissioner to find out.

DS: How is the campaign going?

NB: The campaign is going well. We are very busy reaching out to voters by walking door to door, mail social media and commercials. We attend every event we can and talk to all voters. I have been endorsed by the Florida Firefighters, FOP 10 & 43, Suncoast PBA, the Tampa Bay Transit Union, Clearpac and most importantly the Citizens of Pinellas County.

DS: What do you expect to happen between now and Election Day?

NB: I expect a lot of hard work between now and the last day to vote. We have made a lot of changes to Pinellas County Government. Our citizens seem to like them; when asked, 80% say they expect Pinellas to be as good or better than today in 5 years.

DS: Any surprises in store?

NB: I always expect surprises in any campaign. I’m looking forward to continuing to meet and speak with the voters over the next few weeks. Pinellas County has a lot of positive things happening!