My cease-and-desist letter to congressional candidate Jessica Ehrlich


Unfortunately, it has come to this.

Congressional candidate Jessica Ehrlich, whose candidacy was once so full of promise, continues to attempt to make me an issue in her campaign against Congressman Bill Young, when the real issues include her resume padding and spotty voting history.

In one of her most recent fundraising solicitations, Ehrlich tries to sidestep these issues by accusing me of being paid by Congressman Young’s campaign. While I am supporting US Rep. Young, I am by no means an agent of his campaign.

Accordingly, my lawyer is sending the following cease-and-desist letter to Ehrlich and her campaign.

Dear Mr. Brunner,

I am in receipt of an email fundraising solicitation deployed by the campaign committee of Jessica Ehrlich dated October 11, 2012 in which you include a quotation from the author of and refer to said author as a “campaign aide” to Representative Bill Young.

Such a statement has no basis in fact, and given the collective experience and knowledge of both you and Ms. Ehrlich, you each either are aware of this fact or should have been aware of this fact.

To seek to economically enrich the campaign committee of Ms. Ehrlich with a known falsehood rises to the level of legal fraud. Accordingly, on behalf of SaintPetersBlog and its holding company, Extensive Enterprises, this letter is to demand that you cease and desist any reference to the author of as a ‘campaign aide’ to Representative Young, or use of any other term that suggests an arrangement between the author of and the Congressman Bill Young Campaign Committee that suggests employment, independent contracting, consulting, or any other position that includes renumeration or in-kind contribution of service.