Finance reports reveal just how seriously John Mica took Sandy Adams


Prodigious fundraiser John Mica spent $726,000 from late July until the end of September (and more than $2 million total this cycle), much of it in the days right before the Aug. 14 faceoff against freshman Sandy Adams.

That leaves Mica’s pile of cash at $339,000 as of Oct. 1, well short of the $815,000 he was sitting on just a couple weeks before his win over Adams – preferable of course to sitting on money after a loss.

Mica raised about $250,000 in the two months since his July 25 report, about 75 percent of which came from PACs. Those PACs included checks from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers ($1,000) to the FAA Managers Association ($2,500) to Old Dominion Freight Line ($1,000).

Via Adam Snider and Burgess Everett of Morning Transportation.