For what it’s worth, Zogby poll shows Obama leading Romney in Florida, 47% to 44%


For what it’s worth, a new Newsmax/Zogby poll has Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney in Florida, 47% to 44%.

The numbers are within the margin of error for a dead heat, and it could be the undecideds who make up the difference: A full 10 percent declared themselves as such in the data.

The NewsmaxZogby online survey of 828 likely voters was conducted from Sunday, Oct. 14., through Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Romney has segments of Florida’s population wrapped up, according to the latest data, however: Among respondents who were in the military or who had a family member in the military, 53 percent said they’d vote for Romney if the election were held today; only 37 percent said they vote for Obama.

NASCAR fans overwhelmingly weighed in favor of the former Massachusetts governor as well: 55 percent compared to 37 percent for Obama when asked the same question.

As expected, Obama held sway over union households: 51 percent said they’d vote for him as opposed to 43 percent who said they’d vote for Romney.

Obama’s approval ratings in the state could be problematic. When asked whether they approved of the president’s performance, 48 percent overall said they “strongly” or “somewhat” approved of the job he’s doing. The same percentage — 48 percent — said they “somewhat” or “strongly” disapproved.

Among men, 48 percent polled said it they think it is time for someone new; 40 percent said Obama deserves to be re-elected. Women favored his re-election, 46 percent to 42 percent.

The candidates were tied among those without a college degree: 47 percent said they’d vote for Obama if the election were held today, and 46 percent said they’d vote for Romney.

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