Catching up on the campaign trail with Rep. Peter Nehr


Republican incumbent Peter Nehr took a moment to answer some questions for SaintPetersBlog correspondent Daphne Taylor Street. Nehr won the primary election with a strong lead, and is now competing with Democrat Carl Zimmerman.

Here is Nehr’s take on his re-election campaign so far:

DS: How’s the campaign going?

PN: The campaign is going very well and “Team Nehr” is going door to door every day to speak with as many voters as possible before the election. The reception by my constituents has been very positive.

DS: What do you expect to happen between now and Election Day?

PN: We will continue to go door to door to get out our positive message even though my opponent is still running a very negative campaign. We will be sign waiving on a regular basis and will get out our message by any means available to us.

DS: Any surprises in store?

PN: If I had any surprises I would not tell you [LOL], because then they would not be surprises. But I am surprised at the way my opponent is being so negative versus staying on the important topics such as jobs and the economy, increased education funding and insurance issues that have my constituents concerned.

No one wins in a negative campaign … especially not our constituents.