Exclusive poll: Romney, Obama deadlocked at 49% each among Floridians who have already voted; Nelson up 5 over Mack


In an exclusive poll from St. Pete Polls, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are deadlocked among Floridians who have already voted, providing the latest indication that the race for the Sunshine State will indeed go down to the wire.

Among those Floridians who say they have already voted, Romney received 49.3% support while Obama received 48.5%. The choice of voting for a third-party candidates received 1.9%.

The automated poll was conducted Saturday, October 20.  The poll’s margin of error is +/- 3.0%.

In Florida’s U.S. Senate race, Bill Nelson received 50.4% of those polled who have voted early, while Connie Mack received 44.7%.

Also asked was how these early voters cast their ballot to retain three state Supreme Court justices. According to the poll, 56.9% voted to retain, while 30% did not and 13.1% did not vote on this issue.

As for the veracity of St. Pete Polls data, I wrote this analysis about their numbers vs. actual results and determined, “Its results in the most important races outweigh its askew numbers in down-ballot campaigns. Moreover, the residents and voters involved in these races should be grateful for St. Pete Polls’ contribution to the public debate.”