Direct mail round-up: Another day, another brutal mailer from Frank Farkas


Reading the latest mailer from Republican Frank Farkas, I am reminded of this story in the Tampa Bay Times from 2006, “Political ad firm defends tactics.” It was a profile of Farkas’ consultant, Jack Hebert and the Mallard Group, which had one of its worst elections in years that year. Hebert and the firm consulted on six losing Republican state House and state Senate campaigns.

In a year marked by the negative tone of many political ads, Mallard’s were particularly harsh, political observers say.

Political consultants usually work behind the scenes, but Mallard’s ads combined with its clients’ losses last week cast an uncomfortable spotlight on the company.

But don’t blame negative ads for his clients’ losses, says Jack Hebert, Mallard’s owner.

They lost because the ads weren’t negative enough, says Hebert, 53.

His clients, he said, “should have gone more on the attack.”

Well, Hebert has gotten his wish … Frank Farkas is definitely on the attack.