HD 68 candidate Dwight Dudley endorsed by his NPA opponent


Dwight Dudley announced on Thursday that he had received an interesting endorsement — from attorney Matthew Weidner, the No Party Affiliation candidate running for the same seat as Dudley.

“I have personally been most impressed with the campaign Dwight Dudley has been running. I see a guy that I like and, most importantly, I see a hard working member of this community who I believe is dedicated to serving the interests of the district,” said Matthew Weidner. “I came to understand that this is a guy we need working for us in Tallahassee. We simply can no longer let corporations and the oversized role of special interests dominate Florida’s state legislature.”

“When I entered this race, it was because I knew we could – and should – do better for hardworking, middle-class Floridians, and that the same tired career politicians wouldn’t get the job done,” said Dwight Dudley. “Matthew Weidner shares that same belief, and I’m grateful for his support. I hope all those looking for real change in Tallahassee will follow his advice and join our team.”

According to the latest survey, Weidner was only polling in single digits, but he was, presumably, pulling support from Republican Frank Farkas … just enough support to perhaps cost Farkas the election.