On the campaign trail with County Commission candidate Janet Long


Former State Rep. Janet Long, a Democrat, is challenging Republican incumbent Neil Brickfield for the District 1 seat in a highly contentious campaign. Long took a moment to speak with SaintPetersBlog contributor Daphne Taylor Street, and let us know her thoughts on the campaign trail thus far.

DS: How’s the campaign going?

JL: The campaign is doing quite well. We are excited about the endorsements from the Tampa Bay Times, the Pinellas County Dental Association, The Pinellas County Medical Association and the Upper Pinellas County Dental Association, The Pinellas County Hygiene Association; The Pinellas Realtors Organization, The AFL-CIO, and The Stonewall Democrats.

DS: What do you expect to happen between now and Election Day?

JL: Between now and election day, we will continue to work hard to earn the support of our voters. The negative and totally misleading ads from my opponent surfaced last week as well as ugly robo-calls, and it is a disservice to our voters to have to wade through all of the negativity associated with campaigns in the world we live in today. I thoroughly expect this type of negativity to continue in order to distract the voters from the really challenging issues that this County is facing in the future. My campaign is going to continue to stay focused on our positive message about the future of this County and what I believe my experiences and perspective could bring to the County Commission.

DS: Any surprises in store?

JL: It’s October – [not far] from Election Day. Every day will bring new surprises and challenges. My campaign is staying focused on our positive message to the voters.




  1. “staying focused on our positive message to the voters.”

    Does she mean her “positive” message of insisting on the dumping of industrial waste into our drinking water, and her blatant hatred towards our firefighters? Is that her positive message she’s talking about?

    The woman’s a raging lunatic, just like her campaign consultants over at the Times.

  2. Not one word in this article from Janet Long about the complaint I filed against her on Saturday with the Florida Commission on Ethics. Basically, she grossly overstated the value of her assets, including stating a value of her home 80% higher than the property appraiser puts it at. Ms. Long even thinks her home INCREASED in value by $45,000 between 1/1/2009 and 1/1/2011.

    I gave Ms. Long an opportunity to refute the allegations, I even spoke to her campaign manager. But Ms. Long did not refute the allegations………because they are true.


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