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It's not only that Kendrick Meek's first TV ad is late, it's that it's not that good

By on July 27, 2010

The anticipation among Florida’s political aficionados preceding the airing of Kendrick Meek’s first television advertisement was almost as much as there is for tomorrow’s premiere of the second season of Jersey Shore.  Unfortunately for Kendrick Meek, the story of Snooki and Co. is a lot more coherent than whatever message Meek is attempting to convey in his first ad.

You know a commercial is really bad when the best part about it is the obligatory disclaimer.

After getting the disclaimer out of the way, Meek’s ad wastes no time cribbin’ from Joel Schumacker.  Here is the scene from Meek’s ad:

which reminds this Dark Knight fan of the Riddler’s lair from Batman Forever.

I don’t know what is going on during the second act of this commercial, but take a look at the trailer from the Kid stays in the Picture and tell me this commercial isn’t an homage to that film.

And this ending, with the tagline, “Betting on Suffering Does Matter.”  What the hell does that mean? Is this the message Meek is going to run with the last month of the campaign.

The problem with this ad isn’t that it’s late in coming during the primary, it’s that it’s not very good. All in all, a disjointed spot that should be shelved immediately and replaced with a :30 version of: