Tampa Bay Times launching monthly Floridian mag this wknd. with story about woman who can't stop orgasming


Well, this is one way to launch a new monthly magazine…

This past Sunday, the Tampa Bay Times announced that it was converting the Floridian section to a monthly magazine.

“This change, which is in some ways a return to the section’s roots, offers an opportunity to showcase classic Floridian stories in a format that makes for an even more enjoyable reading experience,” writes editor Bill Duryea.

Sounds exciting, right? But how does the Times make sure readers check out the first edition of the new Floridian.

How ’bout a story about a woman who can’t stop orgasming? That’s what’s planned for this Sunday.

It’s actually a rather tragic story. Gretchen Molannen suffers from persistent genital arousal. The piece is written by ace Leonora LaPeter Anton, so you know the writing is superb.

But the subject matter? No matter how tragic the tale, it’s difficult to take it seriously.

As Anton herself writes, it’s a story “that invariably makes people snicker, or wince, or make jokes like: ‘I wish my wife had that.’ “

It’s also a story sure to drive web traffic, which isn’t a bad thing.

Like I said before, it’s one way to launch a new feature.