Was Congressman Bill Young about to put a cane upside a protester's head?


Last night, I received conflicting reports of an incident involving Congressman Bill Young and a group of protesters.

Protesters, err, constituents converged on Young’s Seminole office Monday to get a commitment from him to extend the middle class tax cuts, make the richest 2 percent pay their fair share, and protect Medicare, Medicaid, education and other vital services from cuts. They demanded the opportunity to speak with Congressman Young, which he has consistently avoided in the past.

From there hijinks ensued. Creative Loafing‘s Michael Newberger (via Mitch Perry) has the play-by-play, including this gem of a paragraph:

“As the office closed, Young arrived flanked by St. Pete College police officers as well as staff members, including Glenn. One particularly persistent activist went on to loudly ask Young on his stances while getting into close proximity of the 81-year old congressman. It did not end well. Young grabbed the activist by the arm and raised his cane, largely looking like he was attempting to strike the protester until both were separated by the police officers present.”

Check out Perry’s story here.

P.S. Is that Kelly Benjamin in the photo with Young?