Congressman Bill Young reviewing options against harassing protestor


For months, the Florida Consumer Action Network, or FCAN, has targeted local Republican Congressman C.W. Bill Young over his stances on military spending and taxes for the top two percent.

Monday, FCAN organized a large protest at Young’s Office in Seminole, Florida, to, “get a commitment from him to extend the middle class tax cuts, make the richest 2% pay their fair share, and protect Medicare, Medicaid, education and other vital services from cuts,” a news release said.

Instead of a commitment, they got a confrontation.

According to Creative Loafing, while one protester was yelling at Young, the Congressman  grabbed the protester’s arm and wielded his walking cane in the air, as if he was going to hit the protester.

The fallout from the incident is expanding.

David Jolly, an attorney close to Congressman Young said, “As for the accuser who’s pushing this story, this is a young man with a history of violating the law who has been physically following the Congressman for months. In the coming days counsel will be reviewing whether his activities rise to the level of stalking, assault, or tortious harassment of any kind.”

“The irony is this same group came to Tiger Bay last Friday and had the opportunity to ask Mr. Young anything they wanted,” said Jolly.  “Some did and Mr. Young was happy to answer.  Their claims of Mr. Young not being available or responsive is a complete fabrication.  They live in a different reality.”