PPP poll of 2016: Hillary Clinton leading both Jeb and Marco on their home turf


In its first poll in 2013 of Florida, Public Policy Polling finds that Hillary Clinton is the strongest candidate for President in Florida for 2016. Two of the most high profile potential Republican candidates for next time come from Florida, and Clinton bests both of them on their home turf: 50/46 over Marco Rubio and 49/44 over Jeb Bush.

Clinton has an 88/10 favorability rating with Democratic primary voters and is their overwhelming choice to be the party’s 2016 standard bearer: 65% want her as their candidate, followed by 15% for Joe Biden, and 4% for Andrew Cuomo and Elizabeth Warren. No one else polls over 1%.

In the instance that Clinton didn’t run things are wide open on the Democratic side: Cuomo leads the way with 22% to 15% for Warren with everyone else in single digits – Deval Patrick at 5%, Martin O’Malley at 4%, Kirsten Gillibrand at 3%, Mark Warner at 2%, and Brian Schweitzer at 1%. But the big winner is ‘not sure’ at 48%.