Charlie Crist pens completely non-specific op-ed


There’s no bigger fan of Charlie Crist than this blog, but sooner or later the former Governor will need to say something about something more specific than this. 

Crist penned an op ed for the South Florida Sun Sentinel, in which he champions cooperation and optimism, as well as apple pie and puppies, such as this section:

“…While I am eternally optimistic about our state’s future, none of these issues are easily solved. However, with collective action and bipartisan cooperation, we can set Florida on a course to lead the nation in the 21st century.

So as the governor and Legislature prepare to gather in Tallahassee, I hope they will heed the advice of the President, put the people of Florida ahead of their own political interests, and find the collective will to take on the state’s most pressing issues, together.”

That’s all well and good, Governor Sunshine, but at some point you’re going to have to give the “why you are a Democrat” speech, or at least stake out your position on some difficult issues, such as gay marriage.

Reading this op-ed, I feel like I do after having eaten a rice cake. I know I’ve consumed something, I’m just not sure it filled me up.