Bill Nelson: Rubio gives ‘cover’ to GOP on immigration


Senator Bill Nelson said Wednesday that Senator Marco Rubio is giving “a lot of cover” on immigration to Republicans who “otherwise would choke on this.”

“I think he is going to give a lot of cover to the Republicans who otherwise would choke on this,” Nelson said on CNN’s “Starting Point.”

CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien asked Nelson about Rubio’s statement that he’d support only legislation that included stricter border security, pointing to a potential sticking point between Democrats and Republicans.

“Give him a break, he’s got to cover,” Nelson responded. “Just wait until they get to the details, they’ll hammer it out. Remember, he had to go on Rush Limbaugh and start convincing Rush Limbaugh, who as recently as last Monday said, ‘No way, Jose.’ And as a result, Marco was successful.”

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