2014, the year of the life hack, going out with a toilet brush-peeling potato bang

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2014 has been the year of a lot of things – unnecessary Facebook quizzes, selfies, lawsuits against Obama – it’s also been a year of awesome life hacks. These are little-known, awesome tricks that can help to make life just a little easier.

How to use a pizza box as a paper plate. The real way to eat an apple. The real way to peel a banana. How to use a Chinese takeout box as a plate. How to keep fingers clean while eating Cheetos.

Many of these life hacks are pretty useful and they all certainly make people think, “Huh, that’s really cool!” But some of them are just weird. Including this latest one.

How to peal potatoes the fastest way?!

A life hack pro by the name of CrazyRussianHacker peels an entire bag of potatoes in 60-seconds. This is the perfect hack ahead of Christmas and New Year’s as people gear up to eat lots and lots of mashed potatoes.

But there’s a weird catch. To peel said potatoes super fast, you’re going to need a toilet bowl scrubber. That’s right – the thing used to scrub crap and grime out of the toilet can also be used to peel potatoes.

In a video demonstration, CrazyRussianHacker plops the handle to the toilet scrubber into a power drill. He then places the bag of potatoes into a bucket filled with water, puts the toilet scrubber in, pulls the trigger and, voila! The bristles scrub the skin right off the potatoes.

Check out the comments on his video though.

“I tried to do this, but it kinda smells like shit of my potatoes,” wrote one user. “Ok now you lost a toilet brush, need a life hack for toilet brush,” said another.

Of course, I’m sure this guy would recommend a new and un-used brush. Another common complaint – dude puts an electric tool into a bucket of water whilst standing on a deck with bare feet. Maybe not the safest idea.

Of course, what matters most in this particular life hack is the awesome Russian dude language. It’s not a drill, it’s a dreeeeel and they’re not potatoes, they’re pataytus. It’s not a brush, it’s a blush. And my personal favorite – “it’s like 20 pataytus, vrrrrrrrrr.”

For even more entertainment (and partial nudity) check out his explanation of why you’ve been taking your shirt off wrong.

Oh 2014, year of the life hack, I do so hope you spill over into 2015.

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