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5 things I think about today’s St. Petersburg Times

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As I have said many times before, it is not always what’s reported that’s important, it’s also what’s not reported that really matters.

Case in point is Jeff Greene.  He should be topic number one for the political reporters at the Times.  In fact, Adam Smith and Co. should be writing this extended profile about Greene, not the Washington Post. But it’s almost as if Greene is getting, if not a pass, a chance to truly compete against Kendrick Meek.

The Times could have strangled Greene’s candidacy in its infancy.  But the newspaper does not seem to want to clear the field for Meek in the same way it has for other candidates.  The editorials have been balanced, the reporting fair, if not slightly pro-Greene, if only because a horse race sells more newspapers.

Or maybe the writers at the Times, even the most liberal, are ticked off at Meek for forcing Dan Gelber out of the race.  Or they are not particularly impressed with Meek’s efforts in the Tampa Bay area.  Whatever the reasons are, Greene certainly is getting a better shake from the newspaper than, say, Rick Scott.

Speaking of Rick Scott, who gets the headline treatment in today’s Sunday edition, does anyone else starting to get the feeling that he’s a prick? That he’s just a bald guy with a lot of money who screwed over a lot of people and only in a brain-dead state like Florida can a guy like him buy his way into office.  I mean, Jon Corzine was a balding, rich, former executive, just like Scott, but he never came off like a prick.  At least that’s my take from this profile.

I’m sorry, Mr. Troxler, but a profile of libertarian gubernatorial candidate Alex Snitker is a waste of time. We know how much you sympathize with libertarian positions.  In fact, in the past, you’ve seemed oddly proud of holding some of their contradictory positions, as if being quirky should be a prerequisite for a newspaper columnist and not just a sitcom actor.

You know who else wasted my time this morning?  Well, it’s Sunday, so I must be talking about Sandra Gadsden, who continues to make a career of stating the obvious…and the obviously wrong.  Take this sequence, for example.  Gadsden writes:

“Many developers, business owners and artists in this town would scoff at the claim of some Rays supprters that the team is a shot in the arm for local business.  Ferg’s Sports Bar is an exception.”

Because artists naturally understand what is good for local business.  Isn’t being an artist about not understanding what business is all about? Show me an artist in St. Pete who is turning a profit, without living off the teet of someone else, and I’ll buy you a beer at Ferg’s.

Gadsden has such a prime platform, yet is so horribly uninformed about how this city really functions.  I just can’t wait for her to launch her program of hyper-local cub reporters…

There are so many tidbits in today’s paper worth commenting about, like why is there always some ol’ twat that finds it necessary to write a letter to the editor about noise issues?  I hate excessive noise, especially the cars that rattle from a trunk’s load of bassed out speakers, but the last thing I am going to do about them is write a letter to the Times complaining, as this geriatric George Mazzei does today, about “those noisy, obnoxious trail bikes that rule Fourth Street N and the 54th Avenue Area.”  Trail bikes???

How about the feature about the struggles about the Grayl’s Hotel?  That hotel sucked.  If it wasn’t on Beach Drive it wouldn’t do any business.  And how stupid was the idea of a $3,000 per person “Prohibition Club?” Who the hell is gonna pay 3K to eat bad food with weird people?  Sell the damn hotel to people who know what they are doing, not people who run a pool supply company who lucked into a nice location.

Also, be sure to check out the profiles of some of the School Board candidates, here, here and here.

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