American ingenuity celebrated in patriotic new CES video

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For Independence Day, the leading advocacy group for the U.S. electronics industry unveiled an inspiring — and patriotic – video celebrating American innovation as the source of its economic and global power.

But the video also comes with a somber warning of a “storm brewing,” with new threats of “an attack on progress.”

The Innovation Movement, sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association, is a grassroots effort to focus attention on issues that advance — and a few that hold back — American free enterprise.

“Endless possibilities of Internet freedom are being shackled by limitation,” says the video’s narrator. “Where disruption isn’t valued for its innovation, but feared … because the entrenched are uncomfortable.”

Although the two-minute clip specifically pushes for an open Internet, it also touches on other public policy matters that influence innovation: international trade, skilled immigration, deficit reduction and broadband deployment.

Each of these issues, the video says, is poised to have an influence on the “tidal wave” of innovators, the “best and brightest” who are rising up to provide next great ideas, working basements, garages and dorm rooms.

The video continues by pointing out that outdated laws and regulations are hindering progress, preventing the growth of startups such as app-based services like Uber and Airbnb.

With a call to “band together,” viewers are asked to “form a voice, a megaphone” to let those in power know that innovation will not be stopped.

Ending on a patriotic note –“America needs us, and we need America” – the clip invites those wanting more information to text “JOIN” to 52886, or visit

“An overview of the Innovation Movement” is now available on YouTube.


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