Bay Area Tax Day protest will resonate with some

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Bay Area residents who are displeased with the nation’s tax system can join together with other dissenters on Tax Day for a press conference and protest hosted by PICO United Florida, state partner of Americans for Tax Fairness. 

The gathering is part of a national “Who Pays?” campaign that intends to draw attention to what it considers law-sanctioned tax evasion by wealthy individuals and corporations.  

The group will use stories of Floridians impacted by recent federal budget cuts to illustrate what they feel are consequences of tax avoidance through mechanisms such as overseas tax havens.

 “Every tax day, millions of hard-working Americans play by the rules and pay their taxes so that investments can be made in education, healthcare, roads, public safety and all the other services and benefits that we expect in our communities. Congress should put an end to corporate tax loopholes that allow companies like Bank of America and Honeywell to hide profits overseas and pay lower tax rates than the rest of us,” said Kevin King, Political Director of PICO United Florida and State Field Director for Americans for Tax Fairness.

Granted, not all who are frustrated on Tax Day are frustrated about the same things. But if this sounds like something you gripe about, the press conference and protest begins at 10:00 AM on Monday, April 15, at the US Post Office located at 3135 1st Avenue N in St. Petersburg.