Email Insights: Rick Scott tells RPOF “dance with the one who brought you”

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As the old saying goes, “dance with the one who brought you.”

Gov. Rick Scott managed to squeak out a win in the GOP Election Day sweep, despite starting off with the dubious title of “least popular governor in America.”

There is no doubt Scott understands exactly who helped him on the road to victory: Republican Party of Florida Chair Leslie Dougher, who just happens to be facing re-election herself.

Therefore, the latest email from the ROPF – a direct message from Scott — comes as no surprise.

“Today I am proud to endorse Leslie Dougher for re-election,” he says.

Leading the entire RPOF team, Dougher helped propel Scott – as well as several GOP candidates – to well-earned victories. Making it even more impressive is that she took the reins from Lenny Curry, who resigned to run for Jacksonville mayor right in the middle of a campaign that was far from a sure thing.

Dougher’s was a seamless transition, though, one that ultimately demonstrated unity of purpose, an attitude that became the cornerstone of Republican success.

“Leslie has a real understanding of the important role the grassroots plays in winning elections,” Scott says, “because that’s where she came from.”

Proving once again that success is the best revenge, Scott praised Dougher for the “incredible turnout operation that made more voter contacts than any other Republican campaign in Florida history.”

Masterminding the win of a supermajority in the Florida House is also nice to have on one’s resume, something that will certainly come in handy in two years.

“All eyes will be on Florida for 2016,” Scott concludes, adding he is confident Dougher will bring the GOP the same good fortune in a presidential year.

That certainly puts Dougher under no pressure, especially for the next heated political dance.

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