First female director of the US Secret Service has Florida roots

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Veteran federal agent and senior official Julia Pierson, just named the first female director of the US Secret Service, has roots in Florida where she began her career as an officer with the Orlando Police Department and continued on to the Miami field office of the Secret Service.

Through a series of promotions she was transferred to Washington where she continued her rise through exemplary work — “remarkable considering the macho culture that she was operating in”, according to a Daily Beast report.

With 30 years experience with the Secret Service, most of the 3,500 agents know Pierson and have worked with her in carrying out the dual missions of protecting the president (as well as dignitaries, former presidents, and families), and investigating counterfeiting and fraud.

Pierson’s appointment is a welcome announcement, and will make for much better press than the last major news that broke on the Service regarding the …fraternization habits of some agents while abroad.