Justin Sayfie aggregates tonight’s Capitol Press Corp Skits

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The 58th Sometimes Annual Capitol Press Corps Skits are tonight. It’s the night when the media lampoons the Legislature and the governor, and the governor and Legislature may take a few shots back. It’s sometimes at least mildly funny, and there are adult beverages. More importantly, it pays for a scholarship fund for future journalists to make sure there continue to be people to put on the skits.

As a member (really!) of the Capitol Press Corps, I’ve offered in the past scripts for skits, one of which actually made its way onto stage.

Here is a script of how I would open tonight’s event.  Mind you, I’m no Aaron Sorkin, but here goes:

The skit is titled “Justin Sayfie does the Press Skits”:

Whoever opens up the show comes out on to stage.  Someone dressed up in a Sayfie Review shirt comes on stage at about the same time with a Blackberry and camera in hand.

Emcee: Good evening, welcome to the 2013 Press Skits.  My name is…

Sayfie character: Good evening, welcome to the 2013 Press Skits. My name is…

Emcee looking at Sayfie character: Excuse me, can I help you?

Sayfie character: No thanks, I am fine.

Emcee: Right, and I am trying to get the press skits started here.

Sayfie character: Sure, sure.  See, I am aggregating the press skits.  It’s where I take all of the material from Press Skits, then I say it at my own Press Skits and, voila, I have aggregated the press skits.

Emcee: Wait a second.  Let me get this straight … you’re gonna follow me around all night, take everything said on this stage and then just use it as your own Press Skits?

Sayfie character: Right, that’s called aggregation!

Emcee: Sounds like stealing to me.

Sayfie character: One man’s stealing is another man’s aggregation.

Emcee: But you don’t have any of your own material.  You’re going to use all of our material.  That’s stealing.

Sayfie character: Tomato, tomato.

Emcee: Get the hell out of here. Press Skits is for real reporters!

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