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Marco Rubio slams Donald Trump’s “say anything” attitude at campaign stop in Largo

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Marco Rubio is targeting Donald Trump in a round of media appearances in Florida this weekend. Rubio has closed the gap between himself and Trump some, but still trails the real estate mogul by seven points in the Sunshine State.

Rubio’s target at his first Florida stop Saturday was a raucous protest that led to Trump canceling an event in Chicago. During a press availability before his rally at Beckwith Electric in Largo, Rubio said Trump’s rhetoric has led to such divisive behavior.

“This is what a culture in a society looks like when everybody says whatever the heck they want,” Rubio said likely referring to Trump’s vitriol toward Mexicans, Muslims and even women.

“This is a man who in rallies has told his supporters to basically beat up the people who are in the crowd and he’ll pay their legal fees,” Rubio said.

Asked how Trump could affect American race relations, Rubio’s face tightened.

“Donald Trump as our nominee is going to shatter and fracture the Republican Party and the conservative movement,” Rubio said.

During a recent debate, Rubio pledged support to whatever Republican candidate earns the party’s nomination if it’s not him. He reiterated that begrudgingly Saturday.

“But it’s getting harder every day,” he admitted.

He took that same message to a stage in front of several hundred supporters. Most were older; some were mothers and fathers with young children in tow. There were even a handful of teenagers on hand supporting Rubio.

Rubio rolled into a large parking lot where supporters were gathered on a giant campaign bus. He emerged to an excited crowd chanting his name. Rubio began by evoking American patriotism explaining what makes the U.S. special.

“Last night in Chicago we saw images that made America look like a Third World country,” Rubio said.

But instead of immediately criticizing Trump for setting that tone in this election season, Rubio spent some time describing critics on the left. He directly referred to them as “thugs.” When asked if the protesters in Chicago were thugs by press earlier in the morning, Rubio answered that maybe “some of them” were.

He also blamed the media for the Trump-mentality sweeping the nation. He complained that for ten months he avoided negative, ad hominem attacks, and the media ignored him.

“But the minute I started talking about someone they started cutting live,” Rubio said.

“I’m not proud of some of the things I said,” Rubio continued. The U.S. Senator from Florida made reference to Trump’s hands leaving the implication that small hands were indicative of certain other body parts also being small. The comment prompted Trump to immediately assure the American people that he was, indeed, well endowed.

Rubio promised such attacks would never happen again, but lamented the hypocrisy flowing from social media. He said when the 11th GOP presidential debate went negative, people were angry. However when the very next debate stayed on policy, people asked why he didn’t attack Trump.

Rubio is facing an uphill battle in the Presidential Preference Primary. He trails not only Donald Trump in delegates won so far, but also Ted Cruz. If Rubio loses Florida, his home state, the race is likely over for him.

But Rubio dismissed concerns that he’s now the underdog reminding supporters that he came from humble beginnings. The only loan he ever received, he joked referring to Trump’s “small $1 million loan” was more than $100,000 in student loan debt.

He reminded voters that Florida is a winner take all state and comes with 99 delegates.

“If I win Florida by one vote, I get all 99 delegates,” Rubio said.

Rubio didn’t directly address many policy issues during his more than 30-minute speech. He joked that the score has been settled on whether or not to repeal Obamacare to a barrage of claps and shouts and he said other policy issues need to come with thoughtful dialogue.

And he played on some familiar conservative talking points.

“You can make poor people richer and you don’t have to make rich people poorer,” Rubio said of encouraging a free market while slipping in a dig on the left’s wish to tax the wealthy.

And he said he wants to have a strong military “not because I want to start a war, but because I want to prevent one.”

Throughout the speech Rubio made a handful of attempts to shed his “robot” image. He loosely responded to some comments from the crowd. At one point he joked about college football, calling out a man who was wearing a Florida State University shirt. Rubio is a University of Florida alumnus.

The Pinellas County stop was the first of several on Rubio’s schedule Saturday. Following that stop Rubio headed to Pasco County at Ron’s Barbecue for a meet and greet. He’ll be in Tampa at the Oxford Exchange at 2:00 followed by appearances in Lakeland and Pensacola.

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