“Siri, call Senate and say thank you for texting ban”

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Florida is one step closer to finally joining thirty-five states and the District of Columbia which have passed a ban on texting while driving as Senator Nancy Detert’s bill passed the Senate with a unanimous vote on Tuesday.

SB 52 bans manually typing, sending or reading messages on a mobile device while driving and makes such distractions a secondary violation incurring a $30 ticket plus court costs.

Texting remains permissible when stopped at a red light, or when using voice activation apps.

“Everyone is in support of this bill,” Detert said. “The general public supports it by 89 percent. We really don’t need the statistics… We see it every day as we drive.”

Although Detert has filed this measure for the previous four years, this is the first year that a companion measure was heard in any House committees, and she credits Speaker Will Weatherford for putting it in motion.  House companion bill — HB 13 sponsored by Doug Holder — is on 2nd reading.