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How Frank Artiles’ colleagues should respond to his defiance

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A great deal has already been said about the yes-he-really-said-it Frank Artiles saga. And there seems to be near-universal agreement on these points: — Artiles is a world-class jerk. — What he said goes far beyond the limits of acceptable. — This was not his first foray into the unacceptable. — Artiles needs professional help. — The Senate President needs to either send him home for the session (so presumably he can get some much-needed help), encourage (also read as…

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Florida House Democrats ask to re-schedule special session out of concern for conference of the National Black Caucus

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Update – 10:39 a.m. – Rep. Ron Saunders asks to be excused from special session (memorandum after the break). Update – 11:08 p.m. – Late word coming down that Florida House Democrats plan to boycott the special session on Thursday and Friday. Dear Speaker Cretul: Upon reading the call for a special session on rail transit, we bring urgent concerns about the decision to conduct House committee meetings and floor sessions on Thursday and Friday, December 3 and 4. As…

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