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Mac Stipanovich: An open letter to my fellow Republicans

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Each of us wants to believe that if we were tested in some fundamental way when the chips were down — morally, spiritually, or physically — that we would pass the test. But we do not really expect to be tested. That sort of thing only happens to people we see on television and read about in books, heroes and such. And if we were tested, surely we would know it. How could a literal moment of truth in our…

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Friends, family, pets, lend me your paws!

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(With apologies to William Shakespeare.) Friends, family, other pets, lend me your paws. I come to bury Truffles, not to praise him. The barking that dogs do lives after them: The good is oft interred with their favorite bones. So let it be with Truffles. My noble Mother Hath told you Truffles was rambunctious. If it were so, it was a grievous fault, And grievously hath Truffles answered it. He hath brought home many chew toys home Whose ransoms did…

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