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Julie Delegal: Being black matters, researcher says

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Some whites’ approach to the #BlackLivesMatter movement presumes a zero-sum game: If one group is “awarded” national attention on any issue, the reasoning goes, then other groups by contrast, necessarily must lose something. But #BlackLivesMatter doesn’t mean that only black lives matter. It means, rather, that we can no longer pretend that institutions in our country, like our criminal justice system, are race-neutral. It means that we can’t turn a blind eye to disparate treatment for African-Americans, especially when that…

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Ray Tampa at Tiger Bay today

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With blacks having finally become CEOs of national corporations, held some of the nation’s top posts in military, judicial and foreign affairs, the possibility of not one but three serious black contenders for the St. Petersburg Mayor’s race, and most recently the election of the first black President of the United States, who got more white votes than Al Gore or John Kerry. One might ask: What’s a civil rights leader to do? Newly elected president of St. Petersburg’s NAACP…

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