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Widget measures how much oil has spewed from BP leak

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To keep tabs on the amount of oil that has leaked (and is still doing so) from the Horizon rig, PBS has created a widget that lets you see how much oil has spewed forth thus far — depending on which organization’s estimate you’re going with. More from the Huffington Post: “The numbers on how much oil has been flowing out of the Deepwater Horizon well have varied wildly since it sank on April 22. At the low end, the National Oceanic…

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Loop Current poses oil-spill threat to Atlantic

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Now that the giant oil slick in the Gulf appears to be entering a Loop Current likely to carry polluted water to the Atlantic, the world has learned that offshore spills pose widespread threats far beyond a damaged well. The consequences could shape future decisions on whether to expand drilling into new areas of the Gulf and other waters. The current spill near Louisiana poses a danger to the Florida Keys, the southeast coast from Miami to West Palm Beach…

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NY Times: Doubts on estimate of volume of oil spilling in Gulf

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Two weeks ago, the government put out a round estimate of the size of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico: 5,000 barrels a day. Repeated endlessly in news reports, it has become conventional wisdom. But scientists and environmental groups are raising sharp questions about that estimate, declaring that the leak must be far larger. They also criticize BP for refusing to use well-known scientific techniques that would give a more precise figure. The criticism escalated on Thursday, a day after…

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