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Today on Context Florida: Blatant hypocrisy, unfair criticism, Gerry Jaski and the SOTS we deserve

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Today on Context Florida: As a Florida man “of a certain age” with a wife and two daughters, Daniel Tilson is sick and tired of pandering politicians putting so many of our beloved women at risk every year during the state’s 60-day legislative session.  He is fed up with ambitious elected ideologues talking tough about protecting individual liberty and personal freedom – except for that of the women in our lives. Tilson calls that hypocrisy. Blatant hypocrisy, to be more accurate.…

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Kirby Dick on Charlie Crist — More sources on his being gay than are in Outrage

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Director Kirby Dick made This Film is Not Yet Rated, so he’s not shy about stirring things up politically. That film riled the movie ratings board (its subject) like you wouldn’t believe. He’s not one to fret if his movie lands in the middle of a stink, as his Outrage may well be, detailing many a gay and (usually) conservative politician, political operator and campaign chief who fights against gay rights but is all about gay sex himself. Florida Governor…

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If the Times cares about poor people, why publish their mugshot?

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As is often the case, the left hand doesn’t always know what the right hand is writing. Case in point is today’s noble editorial in the SPTimes bemoaning the fact that several courts in Florida have resurrected the de facto debtor’s prison, in which thousands of Floridians are jailed for failing to pay assessed court fees and fines. Yet, this editorial comes from the same newspaper which just launched an online feature for readers to view the mugshots of the…

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