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Marco Rubio to chair commission on China

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Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio announced Wednesday that he has been appointed chair of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China. The commission was created in 2000 to monitor human rights and legal issues in China and submit an annual report to the president and Congress. Rubio previously served as chair of the 23-member body, which includes nine senators, nine representatives and five senior administration officials appointed by the president. “I am honored to continue leading the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, and…

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Bill Nelson asks U.S. Olympic Committee how it’s preparing for spread of Zika

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With less than 75 days until the Summer Olympics, Sen. Bill Nelson wants to make sure the United States Olympic Committee is prepared to protect its athletes from the spread of Zika. The Florida Democrat was one of 10 senators who signed a letter sent to the chairman of the United States Olympic Committee on Monday. In the letter, Nelson and others said they were inquiring about what steps the committee was taking to “assist and protect our athletes against…

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Democratic women blast Marco Rubio’s paid family leave program, saying it’s missing the ‘paid’ part

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Last week, Marco Rubio became the first Republican presidential candidate to release a paid family leave proposal, but the reviews haven’t been very favorable. Unlike the proposals floated by Democratic presidential candidates Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, Rubio’s plan disdains any government mandates, and instead advocates giving tax incentives so businesses will offer it to their employees. “I can barely use the word ‘plan’ here, because what Marco Rubio has laid out for paid leave wouldn’t do a thing to…

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USA Today: Charlie Crist Brightens GOP’s Senate Outlook

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From Susan Davis, USA Today: Charlie Crist’s entry in the Florida Senate race for 2010 gives Republicans a strong player on a field that again will be tilted in favor of the Democrats. After picking up six seats in 2006 and nine last year, Democrats have no coming retirements and hold only two seats in 2010 races that election analysts currently consider competitive. Republicans hold four seats in races that figure to be close. Counting the two independents who tend…

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