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Right to privacy

Abortion at issue in latest constitutional review hearing

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CRC meeting Boca

Anti-abortion activists took to the microphone early and often at Friday’s Constitution Revision Commission hearing in Boca Raton. The 37-member panel, which convenes every 20 years to review and rewrite the state’s governing document, is now on a listening tour, holding public hearings around the state. A series of speakers Friday urged the commission to amend the constitution to undo a 1989 Florida Supreme Court decision striking down as unconstitutional a state law that required parental consent before a minor can get an abortion.…

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Florida man sues after Cigna divulges HIV-positive status

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A Florida man is suing Cigna for disclosing his HIV-positive status to third parties after he forbade the disclosure on multiple occasions. Cigna and one of its employees are being sued on four counts of negligence and one count of intentional infliction of emotional distress. “John Doe,” as he is identified in the suit, is demanding trial by jury on all counts as of Aug. 27, 2016. In October 2011, Cigna hired PhotoFax, Inc., a private investigation firm, to review…

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Today on Context Florida: Cabinet meeting drama, Carly Fiorina, David Jolly and reproductive freedom

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Today on Context Florida: Monday’s Cabinet meeting was nothing like any of the other meetings. It was dramatic, intense, awkward, and anticlimactic — all at the same time. After four interviews by candidates for the post of Insurance Commissioner, Gov. Rick Scott read from a prepared statement and moved to appoint Jeffrey Bragg—a man whose legal eligibility for the job continues to be murky, and who is reported to have misled investors in a private sector position. The silence was deafening, reports Peter Schorsch.…

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St. Pete Times editorial: Charlie Crist should veto HB 1143

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The St. Petersburg Times editorial board – to whom Charlie listens to more than anyone else save his Mother and Father – urges Governor Crist to veto HB 1143. Abortion-rights opponents have spent weeks pressuring Gov. Charlie Crist to sign legislation that would require all women seeking a first trimester abortion to submit to an ultrasound. But the newly independent Crist needs to exercise veto and protect a woman’s right to privacy. — Crist is no abortion-rights advocate. He…

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