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Martin Dyckman: Will Florida Senate recognize that every child has the right to be loved?

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In May 1957, people across the nation were anxious over a decision that Florida Gov. LeRoy Collins was about to make in a legal controversy unlike any other. It concerned an extradition request for a fugitive couple from Massachusetts, but one that was far from routine. The charge was kidnapping, but the real issue, as Collins came to see it, was whether a child has “the right to be loved.” Nearly 58 years later, the same question underlies an emotional…

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How did I spend my birthday? Protesting for Israel, of course

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A couple of years ago, I learned that one or more of my maternal grandmother’s ancestors were Jewish. I guess her family hid this fact out of anti-semitism or embarrassment or the false assumption that it would just be easier to ignore the truth. The rumor of my family’s history has yet to be fully confirmed, but since I found out about this story, I’ve been increasingly interested in the affairs of Israel. As a matter of fact, I was…

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