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Today on Context Florida: The mighty always fall, social justice warriors and rethinking gender equality

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Today on Context Florida: The mighty always have fallen, warns Dr. Marc J. Yacht. Always. Being a strong imperial power offers no guarantee of continued existence. Ask any Mayan whose empire survived 3,500 years. They sit alongside the Roman, British, Spanish and Mongol empires. The French faced the revolution with Madame Defarge knitting while the People’s Court sentenced French nobility to death. One cannot ignore the Russian Revolution and the end of the Romanov dynasty. It happens and it can happen…

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New Gainesville mayor says sexuality a non-issue

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When Craig Lowe was running for class president in eighth grade at his suburban Atlanta school, someone posted a sign in the hallway declaring, “No to homo Lowe.” It was eerily similar to the sign declaring “No homo Mayor” that a northwest Gainesville church posted in March, weeks before Lowe was on the ballot in the mayoral runoff — one reason the contest got national attention. After winning the election, Lowe talked to Details magazine about the harsh realities faced…

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Disgusting! Fliers circulate mocking Gainesville mayoral candidate’s sexuality

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Mayoral candidate Craig Lowe issued a statement today decrying “hoax” fliers that have reportedly been circulated around town asking would-be voters to “Support The Gay Agenda” ahead of Tuesday’s election. Lowe’s campaign sent reporters an image of the flier in question as well as an image of a more directly anti-Lowe flier that I reported on earlier this month. Craig Lowe said that a flier, above, circulating around town that touts his “gay agenda” is a hoax and was not…

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Boycotting the Bay Buzz

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After much consideration and soul-searching, I am going to boycott the Bay Buzz blog on The St. Petersbug Times website. That’s right, I am going cold turkey on The Bay Buzz blog. The guy who can make an article go from 2 comments to 45 is commenting no more. And not for the reasons you might think. I am not giving up on the Bay Buzz because of the articles that are written (or not written, as the case may…

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