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Joe Henderson: ‘Stop the Presses’ was fond farewell to a grand ol’ dame named Mama Trib

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In a crowded grand movie theater in the middle of downtown Tampa on Wednesday night, the people who produced the Tampa Tribune finally got a proper send-off. It was one year to the day that the newspaper where I and hundreds more worked was bought and closed by our rival, the Tampa Bay Times. They said then it was a business decision; better for the market to have one healthy newspaper than two struggling ones. That one that had published…

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Stop the presses! RedState posts something not-entirely-positive about Marco Rubio

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For a moment there, I thought I was still on Daily Kos, but nope, there is actually a post on RedState that does not slurp Marco Rubio: Don’t get me wrong: his campaign up to this point has been rather brilliant, taking an established politician and selling him not only to the Florida GOP but to national conservatives (grassroots and establishment alike) as the true, “outsider” principled conservative choice for Florida and the Tea Party. Which he is, I trust.…

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