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Tony Khoury

Independent Senate candidates angry, fired up over exclusion from UCF debate

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In the midst of the rallying college students and others at the U.S. Senate Debate at UCF came marching a man dressed in military garb, carrying an American flag and flanked by three men in dark suits. It was third-party Senate candidate Bruce Nathan. “My goal is to be noticed,” he told “No-Party Affiliated candidates are never seen. I’m making a point. I drove two and a half hours to be here.” He claimed the polls showing favorable votes…

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Mitch Perry Report for 5.2.16 – Cleveland, meet California

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The imagery coming out of California late last week wasn’t extremely alarming, but it was instructive. Protestors, many of them black or brown, went a bit nuts at Donald Trump campaign appearances Thursday night in Orange County on Thursday night and to a lesser extent on Friday in Burlingame, just south of San Francisco (and right near the airport). It was similar to the sort of images we saw at an ill-fated Trump rally in Chicago last month when violent exchanges…

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Indie candidate Tony Khoury makes his case for Florida U.S. Senate seat

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Tony Khoury describes himself as part the elite 1 percent of earners in America but says, unlike many of his cohorts, he welcomes paying additional taxes for being lucky enough to have so much. “I still believe I always have to pay my fair share,” which currently for him is at the 39.6 percent level, the highest in the IRS code for individuals. The 57-year-old Middle Eastern immigrant is an American success story. After arriving in the U.S. at the age…

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