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Randy Fine: Bill bolsters local businesses, not victimize LGBT community; detractors not buying it

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Rep. Randy Fine introduced HB 17 simply as a measure to keep commerce moving on an upward trajectory under the leadership of local governments, flourishing enough to bring prosperity to their respective communities. “Its intent is to help businesses thrive and grow – that’s its purpose,” Fine told by telephone on Thursday from Tallahassee. “There are folks that think business should be left up to local government and then there are folks like me who think the nexus of…

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Transgender woman sues state prisons agency

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A transgender woman, currently held in a men’s prison, is suing the state Department of Corrections for denying her “hormone therapy and other medically necessary treatment.” The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, which is representing Reiyn (pronounced “rain”) Keohane, filed suit on her behalf Monday in federal court in Tallahassee. The complaint says the state is violating her constitutional right against cruel and unusual punishments. Keohane seeks a court order for the Department of Corrections to provide her with “hormone therapy, access to female…

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Ted Yoho compares transgender bathroom issue to allowing dogs to pee anywhere they want

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Republican Congressman Ted Yoho has weighed in on the recent bathroom controversy, comparing transgender people to “dogs” peeing anywhere they want. The minutelong video, posted on YouTube June 4 by a user named “techbrigade,” shows Yoho, who represents Florida’s 3rd Congressional District, telling a local audience that those “in between” are like dogs being allowed to urinate anywhere they want. “I know who I am,” Yoho says on the video. “Does it come down to … if I feel like a dog and I want…

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Greg Evers complains about Obama transgender directive, but didn’t fix issue when he had the chance

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State Sen. Greg Evers is making a lot of noise over the Obama administration’s directive to public schools instructing them to allow transgender students to use the bathroom matching their gender identity. But where was the Baker Republican – who is now a candidate for Florida’s 1st Congressional District – when he had a chance to solve the problem in Florida? This week, Evers – former chair of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee – drafted a letter to both Gov. Rick…

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Today on Context Florida: Split custody law, restroom customs, prepared for kindergarten and adult trikes

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Today on Context Florida: The world runs on the unpaid and underpaid work of women, says Julie Delegal. Churches, schools, nonprofits, and many business offices would collapse without it. Florida Senate Bill 688 is a slap in the face to the men and women (mostly women) who choose to make themselves available to do the unpaid work of caring, freeing their partners to build breadwinning careers. Gov. Rick Scott should veto it now. The bill robs judges of discretion in divorces…

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Transgender St. Pete woman sues to have sex changed on birth certificate

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A St. Petersburg transgender woman wants to have her birth certificate changed to reflect her identity as a woman. Brandi Michele Branson, known previously as Michael Leslie Branson, underwent gender reassignment surgery in September. According to a lawsuit filed in Pinellas County court, Branson’s birth certificate is on file in Missouri. The state successfully changed her name on the birth record in 2011. Now they allegedly don’t have a problem with also changing the sex, however, state law requires an…

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Bill Day’s latest: Insult, injury follows Frank Artiles from day one

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In the eyes of Bill Day, the 2015 legislative session has been … interesting … so far for Republican state Rep. Frank Artiles. Only hours before the fall of the opening gavel, the Miami-area Republican was having pre-session drinks at Clydes & Costello’s, a popular Tallahassee bar. Around 1:30 a.m., Artiles, a former U.S. Marine Corps sergeant, (allegedly) punched a 21-year-old college student. The victim – identified as Peter Alberti – says he was only trying to get drinks at the…

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