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Tampa resident makes vocal argument against red light cameras, ‘kangaroo’ court

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Edwin Martin in an unrelated booking photo from 2011

While red-light cameras are unconstitutional in many areas, they are still in full effect in several others, including Hillsborough County.

Edwin Martin, a 63-year-old Tampa resident, is one of the drivers have been challenging the citations.

Martin claims such citations are “ridiculous” because they encourage drivers to make “panic stops” at yellow lights, and not continue through an intersection. These stops would lead to “possible rear-end collisions.” And after sitting in roughly 30 cases in the Red-Light Camera Court while going to protest his citation, Martin feels it is a “kangaroo court set up to collect taxes.”

Martin believes red-light cameras influence motorists to make panicked stops at yellow lights, which can create collisions and premature brake wear.

Although he wrote the suit Dec. 2, however, it wasn’t filed until Dec. 5.

Martin is challenging the county without the help of a lawyer.

The senior citizen claims to have an income of merely $417 a month courtesy of his Social Security check.

Martin was a cab driver before his cab license was revoked in 2003, as reported by Hillsborough County transcripts.

Martin is well-aware of how the courts operate. According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s database, he has three arrests. The first dates back to June 2008. He was arrested for grand theft and was in custody for nearly two months. After his release, Martin was arrested again on five charges and was in custody for 47 days. The charges included grand theft, burglary and resisting arrest.

Martin’s final arrest was in 2011 for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia as well as fleeing the scene of an accident with property damage. On that incident, he was held in custody for 19 days.

Arrest records show Martin goes by the alias “Alafia Zomekka.”

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