Today on Context Florida: anti-abortion activists, meh, Out of Milk and minimum wage

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Today on Context Florida:

Anti-abortion activists swarming around clinics are not sweet, helpful Good Samaritans, writes Linda Cunningham. The U.S. Supreme Court said Massachusetts could tame over-zealous abortion protesters with other laws on its books, but it would have to allow protesters open access to the clinic pathways. Cunningham says that means a return to some very scary comings and goings.

A three-letter word sums up most of how Mark O’Brien feels these days— “meh.” Among the many things that now leave O’Brien feeling meh, ho-hum, whatever these days: Gov. Rick Scott’s re-election campaign, Marco Rubio, airline travel and the travails of the 2014 Boston Red Sox.

Pensacola native Paul Sheaffer had the perfect app-developer experience when he created the shopping app Out of Milk. Shannon Nickinson wishes he could have had it in Pensacola. Sheaffer left the area to move to San Francisco for the boost needed to make it grow. If Pensacola could keep folks that around longer, maybe they can share in a smidgen of their reflected awesomeness.

Gary Stein has some good news for folks trying to enter an Ivy-League college and bad news for those seeking minimum-wage jobs. Harvard is accepting a higher percentage of its applicants than McDonalds is hiring for its minimum-wage positions. Stein notes that economic fallout has trickled down to the group that used to be the ones who worked for the lowest wages permitted by law. High school kids have a far greater chance of having no summer job or even an after-school job than at any time in the recent past.

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