Today on Context Florida: Corporate “child,” Hobby Lobby, July 4 and freedom

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Today on Context Florida:

Thanks to the Supremes, Linda Cunningham says corporations can now donate front-end loaders of cash to political causes with nary a hand slap. On Monday, five of the nine Supreme Court justices nudged their corporate “child” a bit closer to full person-hood, providing it religious organization status.

The Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case leaves Julie Delegal with unanswered questions and a legal “minefield,” to borrow a word from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one that could well extend beyond medical issues. Suppose the owners of a for-profit corporation do not “believe” in climate change because of their religion. Would they have to obey various EPA mandates related to carbon-reduction?

On July 4, Americans should realize we were born into an experiment in governance, writes Ed Moore, and we should be awed that a group of men from throughout the colonies was able, after many years of struggle, to devise our system of government. They had faith in each other, even with huge philosophical differences, and they knew the weaknesses and foibles that could have doomed this experiment.

As we approach July 4 and celebrate our nation’s independence, Kevin Sweeny feels it is time for us all to pause and remind ourselves what this freedom means. The Declaration of Independence was in part a statement on where government and political authority derive their legitimacy, through the sovereignty of the people. If you take the time to read the document, you might find the exceptional phrases of the documents create a powerful synthesis of views, dogmas and theories.

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