Today on Context Florida: Federalist Papers, getting older, Great Northwest and the Roberts Court

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Today on Context Florida:

Ed Moore notes a passage of the Federalist Papers that aptly describes the current situation in our country: “A people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives.” Florida is a leader in examining what a high school diploma means and how better to produce qualified graduates.

Although Marc Yacht had his share of surgeries, he still has a vision of his teenage self. Yacht reflects on some of the more interesting aspects of getting older, such as doctor’s appointments and medications, but says he will still work at improving his tennis game and flying around in his Beemer – top down, of course.

Florida’s Great Northwest, according to Shannon Nickinson, is a regional economic development marketing entity that pitches a 16-county area of the Panhandle to potential businesses, despite the shortage of skilled trade workers. Anything that aids the education system in an effort to make sure all students — not only the ones bound for four-year college degrees in arts or sciences — get something more than a good time out of high school is fine with her.

Democrats appear to have been clueless — and (some even) complicit in the radical shift to the right of the U.S. Supreme Court, says Stephen Goldstein. Year after year, they approved the radical majority of justices who now make up the “Roberts Court,” even when they knew their extreme agenda. So, blame Democrats for the recent, absurd “Hobby Lobby” decision, which ruled that a for-profit chain of stores is a “person” and its exercise of religion is protected under the Constitution.

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