Today on Context Florida: shutdown showboats, gerrymandering, and yard signage shenanigans

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Today on Context Florida, Darryl Paulson speculates about the candidate field opening up to fill Congressman Young’s seat; and Daniel Tilson says it is time to “get our country back” by giving the “Tea Party shutdown showboats a time-out.”

Then, Cary McMullen extends the words of the apostle Paul to residents of Bartow, regarding recent controversy over yard signage and the want of some for yard signage rule exemptions: “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities.”

Finally, Jim McClellan  makes a case for Fair Districts, lamenting that most districts in Florida have competition only in primaries, giving way to the “radical right or loony left.”  McClellan, who is registered NPA, is left out of the elections that matter most.

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